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Car Safety ideas

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A digital traffic accident recorder for cars and trucks, same as they have for planes. Mount a small camcorder to the front grill of the vehicle. It would record in a loop for 30 secs. That way there'd be visual recall of the causes of collisions for insurance and legal purposes.
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Wet Brake Indicator

Add a wet brake sensor to warn the driver that his brakes have gotten so wet that they might fail.
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Bumper Gate

Defensive patience.

There's nothing like being in a long line of cars on the freeway/motorway patiently waiting your turn to get by an accident that occurred in the other lane while other, less patient drivers, go down the clearer lane to get as close to the accident as they can before merging with the rest of us to get by, thus saving themselves at least several minutes at our expense. If I get annoyed enough I'll usually pull my car over and straddle the lanes just to block them (road rage be damned). A better solution would be to have a metal rod attached to my bumper that would shoot out to the left or right at the push of a button, blocking that lane. There'd be all sorts of reflectors on it of course to give rude drivers fair warning. It would also have heavy duty springs near its base so if a car tried to ram its way by anyway the metal pole would gouge a line down its side.

This same bumper gate could be used to thwart tailgaters. Swinging it straight back would force them to leave some more distance between the two of you (in the US a little red flag would have to pop out warning drivers something's sticking out behind the car, but that could be handled easily enough). In the event that the tailgater decided to ignore the extension, which would look like a pole in this case, he'd be free to ram into it. The gate would be of the telescoping variety of course, so it could safely collapse back into its holder after putting up just enough resistance to poke a hole in the tailgater's radiator.
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In the Southeast US some babies have died in the car from the heat while their parent ran into the store. They could make carseats so they could sense when their temperature has exceeded a certain level. Beyond that, an alarm could go off or it could call the parent's phone to alert them. Maybe even make a baby carseat that would blow cold air once a certain temperature is reached. -- Longshot9999
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Vicodin Airbags

Accidents give me a headache.

Very few people feel good right after an accident. It would be nice if the makers of airbags were allowed to attach a sealed package containing a couple of Vicodin onto the side of the airbag so once it was deployed the pills would be readily available. They'd have to seal the package well enough for the pills to remain potent for several years of course, but that's probably doable. As for the potential problem of somone breaking an airbag open just to get at the couple of pills in it, the odds of that happening are fairly remote. The cost of replacing the airbag would be prohibitive from the owner's perspective, and not worth the trouble from a drug addict's perspective. (An addict would be more likely to steal the whole car and sell it to get a month's supply of his favorite drug)
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Car Escape II

Let's make your escape a little more likely.

They make awls, special hammers, etc. for breaking a window to get out of your car when it's underwater. What they don't make is a a convenient way to store them so you'll probably drown when you're digging around trying to find them. A folded pick that could be attached to the inside of your visor would take care of this. As the car went underwater you'd pull the top bar out so that it was at a 90 degree angle with respect to the bar still attached to the visor. Then you'd just swing the visor towards your window as hard as you could to break the glass.
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Handicapped Horns


The other day a guy in a big truck was backing out of a handicapped parking space.  Right behind him was someone in a small sports car. The guy in the car kept honking but the truck backed right into him. This happened because the handicap the guy driving the truck had was that he was hearing impaired. Seems like it shouldn't be too hard to design a small light that would sit on top of a car's exterior mirrors. The sound of honking would activate it, letting the handicapped driver know someone was behind him. This invention would be a device that could also pick up sirens so if someone was playing their radio too loud with the windows closed they'd still hear/see that an emergency vehicle was coming up fast behind them.

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Make polarized non-shaded glasses for drivers. They'd help you see the road at night so it'd be easier to see lane markers, etc. when there are reflections on the wet streets from lights after a storm..
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Encourage drivers to keep a safe stopping distance between cars. To do this you'd fit a detector to the front of the cars. They'd warn you when you're not maintaining a safe stopping distance for that speed.
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