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Saw the other day in Switzerland they have movie theaters where you can be taking a shit and still watch the movie on a screen built into the floor in front of you! We may be spoiling ourselves a little too much but that's damn cool. Should have that in all theaters but maybe just the first stall. Others would just be a waste, no pun intended.


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+4 votes

Water Chair

Just like a waterbed. Same idea. The chair cushion would be a pad filled with water.

Shared by LWBaum (5,620 points)
+3 votes
Integrate a timer/thermostat into ceiling fans so the rotation speed can be programmed to increase or decrease depending on the time or the temperature. It'd save electricity (esp. at night).
Shared by bhattashomu (200 points)
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+2 votes
Build a battery-operated heater and thermostat into coffee mugs. Keep your coffee or tea warm all day. Just switch on the heater before you serve it.
Shared by s_rama (260 points)
+2 votes

New kind of t-shirts with an integrated flexible and thin LCD in them. Or make a screen made of e-ink on the front of them. Then you've got an unlimited supply of shirts all-in-one because you can wear a different design every day just by downloading new pictures.

Shared by John Manning (660 points)
+2 votes
I mean really, why do we even need credit cards anymore? Scan our fingerprints or irises and validate them in realtime. No credit card theft to worry about. Mastercard/Visa confirms the payment and boom, you're set!
Shared by Sumanex (760 points)
+2 votes
Embed RFID tags in each item at the store with price and product info. That way you just walk through sensors at the checkout, the total is instantly calculated and debited off your card. Then just bag up your stuff, take the receipt and give it a quick check for errors. So much time that could be saved at the checkout. Such a no-brainer timesaver. Can't believe this isn't the norm for stores everywhere.
Shared by Sumanex (760 points)
+1 vote
Scented ink pens. I've seen/smelled cherry pens before. Why not chocolate, mint, vanilla, coffee and bubble gum?
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+1 vote
They should invent a radio you can get implanted in your head. Then you'd press your tongue against certain teeth to switch on/off and switch channels or something. It would be so much easier to listen to music all day wherever you go inside your head and never bother anyone! No headphones to worry about. No batteries to worry about. Drive teachers crazy though if kids got them and bosses if workers don't concentrate so maybe a shitty idea the more I think about it. Or maybe there could be a workaround to prevent them from turning it on at work/school. Those would rock!
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+1 vote
Complaining Containers

Now that we've developed odor sensors that are small enough to stick on a mobile phone there's no reason they couldn't be stuck on plastic containers and given as gifts to people who are likely to leave food in their fridge long past its usable date. The sensor would be light-sensitive so when the refrigerator door was opened it would take a quick sample off whatever was in the container and shout out an alert if the food was spoiled. It might even be able to tell when food was in danger of going bad and issue a warning, something like "HEY! Eat me or throw me away!" A whole chorus of alarms would tell the user that it was time to clean out the fridge.

They could also put one of these sensors on the handle of a toothbrush to test for bad breath. It would keep saying 'brush harder' until the job was done (you might have to stop and use some mouthwash if your arm gets tired).
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How much is left in that soda or beer can?  Why not produce a type of aluminum can that changes colors in the portion of the can that no longer contains the liquid? The change in temperature or pressure inside the can could activate the color change on the outside. Not only would it be a great marketing gimmick for any beverage company that patents it but it could actually cause them to drink more - boost those sales.
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Mood Teeth

Grillz with attitude

Since teeth grills are becoming more and more popular it's time to take them to the next level. This would be an LCD-enabled grill that could contain a downloadable set of teeth tones. Pressing a small button on the one covering a molar would let you flip through the teeth tones until you found the one you wanted. For example, if you were mad you could hit the button with the side of your tongue until the grillz was a bright, blood-red color. Or had each tooth displaying a flame. If you were playing with your kids you could have a bunch of smiley faces pop on and off.
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Glow-in-the-Dark Window Coverings

By adding some chemicals to the windows during the plastic molding they could be cool colorful nightlights that would be a lot of fun for kids. Make them in all sorts of cute designs. Could also apply them by heat transfer to curtains or blinds.
Shared by weidenbach (140 points)
0 votes
Voicemail for your door. A speaker activated by your doorbell. When the mailman or Jehovah's Witnesses talk into it it would store the message for you to listen to later. That or the system could automatically call your cell when someone rings the bell so you can tell them to take a hike by phone from work or wherever. Good for security too since they'd think you're still inside the house even if you were thousands of miles away.
Shared by VJaravine (150 points)
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It would save tons of time and money at the store if a scanner was built into the baskets. You'd know the whole time you're shopping the exact amount (including taxes) you'd be spending ahead of time. No more of that stupid scanning (and rescanning) of everything when you're checking out.
Shared by StoneCold4U (140 points)
0 votes
Colored salt would liven up that boring food and then you can see how much salt you're putting on your food.
Shared by hiskoolwrestler3 (140 points)
0 votes
Phones and alarm clocks that look like antiques but still have all the features of the latest gadgets. The high-tech features would be camouflaged so you don't see them at first glance.
Shared by Beeshel25 (140 points)
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Cool in more ways that one. Use that jelly that's in ice packs to make a t-shirt (it would have a covering over it of course). Store it in the refrigerator for later use and it'd keep you cool the whole day in the summer.
Shared by Power Bug (220 points)
0 votes
Design a new type of shoe with coverings in a variety of colors that you could snap into place. A lot less shoes needed to color coordinate with clothes and tons of space saved traveling.
Shared by RHobson77 (140 points)
0 votes
A time-release caffeine patch for non-morning people. You slap one on at bedtime and then the caffeine kicks in when you wake up about 8 hours later.
Shared by joelreluva (140 points)
0 votes
A vending machine for frozen dinners with a built-in microwave.
Shared by LWBaum (5,620 points)
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A remote control for your oven so you don't have to get up to preheat it. And why can't all ovens have a timer that automatically turns off the heat after a time you set? We should never have to worry about burning our food. This stuff seems like such a no-brainer but I've never seen an oven with that.
Shared by a contributor
0 votes
Voice-activated elevators
Shared by pritt.sandhu (140 points)
0 votes
Big timesaver if there was a special button on your mobile to dial straightaway to the last person you were talking to.
Shared by tv_haridas (140 points)
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A pen with a beer bottle opener built into it.
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Coffee-flavored candy
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Smart Clothes

They'd have controls to set the temp of the shirt/pants to cool them in hot weather or heat them up in the summer.
Shared by jamiricom (140 points)
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Door stops of the faces of celebrities. Satisfying when the door thuds against their faces! devil

Shared by DBMike (800 points)
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Design a pair of shoes with variable and adjustable shoe heel heights for patients with a strained ankle , that works like this :

Elevate the shoe in the good leg higher than the shoe in the leg with a starined ankle, hence the longer leg will take most of the body weight while walking or standing.
Shared by a contributor
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Clear M&M's and Skittles. Make the clear ones different flavors so it'll be a surprise every time.
Shared by LWBaum (5,620 points)
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Show the # of times a "missed call" caller let the phone ring before hanging up. Then you'll know right off the bat if they hung up after 1 or 2 rings it was a wrong number and to ignore that one.
Shared by a contributor
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Cell phone or cell cover that shoots pepper spray. But then the teen bitches will probably get carried away and shoot the boys for fun that are giving them a hard time hitting on them. So maybe not that great an idea... Maybe make it so you have to do some maneuver first to activate it so they'll only use it for emergencies.
Shared by IdeaDude (1,350 points)
0 votes
GPS in wallets so you can quickly locate yours if you lose it.
Shared by TakeFive (8,280 points)
0 votes
Bicycles with glow-in-the-dark paint so they're visible to drivers at night.
Shared by TakeFive (8,280 points)
0 votes
Why not mp3 door bells where you can download or upload your own songs or anything like your college fight song as your door chime? Maybe edit the tune down to 2 or 3 seconds or a # of notes or something. That'd be sweet.
Shared by TakeFive (8,280 points)
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