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If you're a girl who's thrown for a loop by some of the texts you get from your boyfriend  you might want to check out HeTexted. You take a screen capture of the messages and put it on the site. Then other girls (or you can ask for a guy's view) out there will weigh in on what they think he "really" means. You can get some interesting insights from your peers on there and perhaps learn you better dump him when you least expect to.

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High schools should change their sex education curriculum so that the teens find/interview 10 married and 10 divorced people. Help them learn what worked well for them and what mistakes to avoid in their relationships.
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A girlfriend/boyfriend dumping service. Dumpers can choose how cruel or kind the dumping should be.
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Buy two (or more, if you're polyamorous) copies of "My Book About Me," by Dr. Seuss - one for you, and one for your partner - but instead of filling in responses relative to yourselves/your own lives, fill them out for each other!


This acitivity is open to people of any background/identity/culture!


Helpful/Fun Tips:

  • Mark the name question at the beginning of the books with "My name is [Your name here] answering for my partner, [partner's name here]"
  • Color-code different sections according to relationship stages/milestones; this is especially helpful if you are in a long-distance relationship!
  • You can obviously ask each other what some of your responses might be, but don't get all of your information directly from each other; instead, fill out the book as you naturally get to know each other/your worlds better
  • You can edit/reword non-inclusive questions (such as "Am I a boy or a girl?") as you see fit
  • Add your own questions/sections, if you'd like (such as a page about each other's pronouns, a page about any tattoos/piercings you/they might have, a page about your religions/lack thereof, etc.)
  • Measure each fill-in-the-blank from the "Some Secret Things I Know" section with a FitBit
  • If you're not a creative writer, use the "I Like to Write Stories" section to write each other love letters, a list of things you love about each other, or anything else about/to each other that you want
  • Modify the books in whatever other ways you'd like! Have fun with it!
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