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A thought on how to recycle rain to end the drought in Cuba.

Paper mills. Help Cuba build plenty of them. The plants would produce dimethyl sulfide which has been proven to cause significant cloud formation when released by algae. The clouds would provide rain, which would increase crops, which would provide a stream of revenue for buying raw materials, which could be used in the mills to create dimethyl sulfide and more clouds (the paper would be worth a little money too).

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Make aerogel out of rice husks for insulation and other uses.

Shared by GreenEarth (140 points)
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An ion exchange converter can remove CO2 from car exhaust to reduce emissions and prevent harmful climate change.
Shared by lagoeltrebol (140 points)
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The government should put that bailout money for the postal service to work building new hybrid cars to replace the aging fleet of the mail service. Would also be a big boon to the auto industry which needs it.
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They should give equal allowances to every person in the world to emit greenhouse gases. Larger emitters buy allowances on the open market from other people. Individuals, not corporations. Benefit the poor around the world and bypass countries and all the corruption.
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Teach kids in school more about the effects our actions have on the Earth. That kind of education can keep more damage from happening to the planet over the long term.
Shared by John Manning (660 points)
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Countries could contribute to a fund paying "rent" to regions or countries in proportion to their forest area. This would help to preserve forests. Then they could pay less rent if they clear more forests.
Shared by LWBaum (5,620 points)
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Divide the current greenhouse gas emissions by the population of the Earth. Then allow each country to emit at the same rate (per capita). This will spread the cost fairly and control greenhouse gas emissions. If a country passes their quota they'd have to buy more credits from countries that are under their quota.
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Instead of building a new pipeline for Alaskan North Slope gas they can save the environmental impact and cost of it by just waiting for all the oil to be pumped out and then convert it to a gas pipeline from an oil one.
Shared by LWBaum (5,620 points)
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Open an International Court of Environmental Rights that could prosecute countries or corporations who commit crimes against the environment.
Shared by TakeFive (8,280 points)
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Give more frequent shopper points or whatever to customers when they buy stuff that traveled the shortest distance to be shipped to the store.
Shared by Argo (2,640 points)
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SHUT DOWN ALL BANK LOCATIONS! Everyone should be switching from bricks & mortar banks (they should all shut down) to prepaid debit cards you purchase at the grocery. Those give you a routing number & account number for your direct deposit from your work. All of these big bank locations are completely unnecessary when all of those bank functions are included in these prepaid cards with free support over the phone with you being able to make withdrawals through any ATM and make deposits to your account at these drug stores like Walgreens & CVS and such.
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