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When decorating your office you should think about what makes you happy. You will spend a third of your day in your office so you want it to bring you up no matter how bad your day is going. If you have a family put pictures up to remind you of them. If your kids have drawn you pictures hang them up so that it can put a smile on your face throughout the day. Sports fans can bring in their favorite memorabilia to support their team. Your office decor is a direct representation of you and can dictate how enjoyable your day can be. Make sure to include a variety of things to give your mind a break on those tough days at the office.
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Office cubicles are generally drab and offer little imagination or differentiation from the other hundreds of cubicles all around. Actual offices are not much better. Fortunately, you can personalize the space in which you will be spending so many hours of your life. Plants are a great way to add some color (although you probably want to get fake ones if your area doesn't get much sunlight). You can hang pictures of your own or even from a magazine using pushpins or sticky putty. If you are in a high traffic area, or find you often have people waiting for you, cut out a few of your favorite comic strips to hang up. These give them something to read while waiting as well as give the room a friendlier atmosphere.
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We all know that workplace surrounding affect the productivity of the employee. It is the sole reason, why many organizations and industries are trying to renovate there interior design. Some research results show that workplace having vibrant colors on the wall increases the productivity of the employees. In some cases, installing new trendy design of cubicles and sitting layout, instead of old architecture uplift the mood of the workers. So all this points, tell us that how important role office furniture plays with respect to companies productivity. To give a new look to your office visit office furniture Miami



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