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Make a site listing patents that expired and info on how to use that knowledge.
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Business directories are confusing, confounding, and difficult to navigate. Finding a business directory that serves a niche market is often impossible unless one is willing to purchase a pricey subscription to gain access to the site. One idea that could be a good money maker if implemented well is to start a niche business directory that is free for businesses and the public alike. Offer businesses a small fee to become highlighted on the page, or a regular monthly fee for advertisement space. Choosing a business with a great many companies, like accounting or insurance, can only increase the amount of money that can possibly be made.
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Universal Gift Registry

Encompassing all holidays, birthdays, stores.

Tired of being asked over and over what you'd like for Christmas/your birthday/whatever? Tired of trying to get some kind of clue what the people on your list would like? The Universal Gift Registry would make your life a whole lot easier.

When you clicked on an account name in this new gift registry you'd be taken to a simple list of annual events with a description of items the account owner would like for each occasion. Each item could also have one or more links attached to it that you could click on and be taken to a site where the item could be purchased online. No more running around hunting for just the right gift. Click and you've got it.

There would be a couple of differences between this registry and the other ones that already exist.

1. It's not store-specific. Links could made to a variety of stores. The more links the better, just in case the first store ran out.

2. It's occasion-specific but not occasion-limited. Under each user all of the usual annual events would be included - Christmas, Hanukkah, birthday, anniversary - with appropriate requests for each occasion.

3. It's a single sign-on solution. You don't have to register at several different web sites.

While this idea might seem tacky to some people it's really not all that much different than the normal process of giving someone an idea of what you'd like for a gift. When you're asked what you'd like now you have two choices, give the asker an answer or avoid the subject so they'll have to guess. Since the people who are asking are trying to do something nice for me, I don't have any problem making their job easier. To make it even less tacky I'd put everything I could ever imagine wanting under my account name so people would know I didn't expect to receive everything that was there. This would in no way keep gift givers who enjoy shopping and surprising people from continuing to carry on the way they've always done it.
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Become One with the Hurricane

A new subscription-based webcam site.

This site would cater to those who are interested in seeing what's it like to be inside a hurricane from the comfort of their own desks. Whenever a hurricane formed the new company would fly one of those hurricane hunter type of planes into the eye and drop a remotely-powered plane similar to the Predator into it. From there the Predator would periodically launch webcams into the storm so viewers could go tumbling along in the winds. The Predator itself would monitor the surrounding windspeed to make sure it stayed positioned safely in the center of the storm.
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Try posting it to you can find a developer who will work for equity and it is completely free and protected by non-disclosures and statements of work to guarantee the work is done.
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More and more businesses are turning to blogging as a way of driving traffic to their products and services.  Blogging is a great way of getting your message and viewpoint out to the world and allows a business to target specific keywords to drive traffic back to their site.  People frequent blogs in the same way as they frequent social media sites, so it makes sense for a business to have a blog acting as a sort of 'gateway' to a companies product or service.

Not all small business owners are computer literate enough to create their own blogs, and even if they had the knowledge they likely don't have the time.

This situation therefore presents an opportunity in that if you have the skills, or are prepared to learn the skills to put up simple blogs, you could approach small businesses (or even larger ones)  to create a blog for them.

You will likely find that most businesses like to have blogs that match their website or their brick and mortar store, with the same style, but some will free themselves up from a formal business style to present themselves in a different light.  You will have to cater for either situation.

You will have to charge for creating blogs for them; a fee of $500 is rather reasonable for the installation and setup of the blog. You could also charge some monthly maintenance fees where you ensure that everything runs smoothly on the blog. Once you create a blog for the businessperson, it should be simple for them to use, as if they were typing on a text editor.

With a blog, business people get to meet one another through the computer, and can thus discuss business matters. The businessperson gets to know more people through the blog, and thus builds up their list of contacts, which in turn is beneficial to the business. These new contacts may very well turn out to be customers to the business!

Moreover, with the right material in the blogs, the business gets a chance of getting a higher search engine ranking with blogs. This is because search engines tend to rank websites based on link popularity, and on the indexing of the site. As blogs are frequented by bloggers, a blog in a website increases the link popularity, and traffic to the website. Blogs also cut down on the businessperson’s investment as blogs are low-cost alternatives to marketing. It is a great way of getting a product marketed.

You will have to do some advertising yourself on your services of setting up of blogs for businesses. All you have to do is to place some banner ads on the internet on sites where people may link to for information regarding internet marketing. Once you develop a small clientele for your business, these same people will spread your expertise around wherein you are sure to get many more customers for yourself!

Many sites help a computer user create a blog. Therefore, you too do not have to have that much computer knowledge to set up a blog. You just have to look for the appropriate sites that provide information on the setting up of a blog. You just have to download the software; and it is usually free. There is no investment on your side; so long as you have the capacity of creating content for a blog, this is a business really worth placing yourself in.
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People go to different stores searching for discounts and sales. Make a website listing all the sales going on at the nearest stores in every city and allow shoppers to put in requests for new offers they desire.
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A version of eBay for services with listings like "30 hours interior house painting within 50 miles of Roanoke, Virginia. Something like that out there I'm sure but it's good food for thought.
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Freebay - an online marketplace where you could post crap you just want to give away, including stuff like electronics that's damaged or broken.
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Start a new custom tailoring business like blacklapel and indochino. Work less and get more profits. Have your own new business below $1000. Check moew details at:
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