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Mosquito Control: Make a loop out of a belt and then tie Bounce fabric softener through the loop. Hang that outdoors during mosquito season to keep them away.
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If the pest is a cricket lizards are often adept at finding and catching them. Dogs may also be able to track them down. Also, if one doesn't yet exist someone should see if it's feasible to invent an electronic device that can guide you to where that pesky cricket is hiding so you can squash it. It could possibly track it based on the sound of the cricket or by sensing the scent of the bug.
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Slipping Squirrels

As part of its research into non-lethal methods of crowd control, the U.S. army has developed a gel that keeps anything from sticking to whatever surface it's sprayed on - sand, concrete, plastic, etc. They should turn this into a commercial product and let people spray it on the wires leading to bird feeders. That way squirrels would keep falling off before they reached the feeder.
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