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Cyber Rosetta Stone

Sooner or later all languages die.

Considering the rise and fall of languages it might be time to create a Rosetta Stone for computer languages that would help us figure out the hieroglyphics of long-dead languages sometime in the future. For instance, suppose a Java programmer was hired to replace a legacy system that was written in something like Fortran and was told that some of the business rules could only be found in that legacy code. With a computer language Rosetta Stone the programmer could type in a term like 'variable' and see how Fortran (or any other language) defined variables in the code. Or, they could type in an operator like the symbol for multiplication and see what Fortran used.

Such a translator could work both ways. Programmers who were looking at code in a language they used to know could type in a piece of code that was stumping them and have it translated into its equivalent in whichever modern language they liked. (RPG I to RPGLE comes to mind, skipping all of the versions of RPG that came in between)

The Cyber Rosetta stone would work something like a Google search written specifically for programming languages.

Here's an example:

              Source language: RPGLE

              Search Term: DOUEQ

              Equivalent keywords/concepts:

              Basic.......Do until equal......
              Qbasic.....its equivalent......
              VB6.........its equivalent.....
              C.............For x do until......
              C++.........its equivalent.....
              C#...........its equivlanet.....
              Java.........its equivalent.....
              Fortran.....its equivalent.....
              blah blah blah................

The stone wouldn't be perfect but it would give the programmer a head start when he/she is trying to ferret out the business logic embedded in a legacy program at a company where both the programmer who wrote the code and the user who provided the logic have both long since retired. (This can happen a lot in the healthcare field)
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The Mouse Help-Desk System

It would be nice if my mouse could monitor when I'm about to go postal over a programming problem (judging by the number of times I slam it down) and automatically notify a mentor that it would be a good time to stop by my desk to help step through the problem. If he was busy he could slam his down and the next one in line could come over for a chat.
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Auto Innovator

Based on the Java way of thinking

After looking over some of my recent ideas it occured to me that a lot of them were innovations instead of inventions, innovation being defined as taking two existing ideas and combining them to make an improved version of one of the two. The "A Breath of Fresh Air" idea is a good example. It takes a carbon monoxide detector and combines it with an air conditioner to make an improved version of the air conditioner.

With this thought in mind I began to wonder if we could adopt some of the structures in Java and apply them to real world objects. For instance, in Java an object is defined as having attributes and behaviors. If we created a database of objects with a list of their positive and negative behaviors (forget the attribute piece for a minute), it might be possible to create a program that would match the positive behavior of one object to the negative behavior of another object and produce a list of innovations. The tricky part would be creating a lexicon that described each objects' behavior in a way that would allow the cross-referencing to take place.
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I Meant What I Didn't Mean

Contradiction hunting computer program.

In order for this idea to work a computer program would have to be written that could distinguish between two contradictory concepts. No small task, but if it could be done then religious, philosophical or political texts could be run through it to see if there were contradictions that weren't easy to spot. Using the Old Testament in the Bible for instance (and an easy contradiction to spot), it would flag the two commandments - "Remember to Keep Holy the Lords Day" and "Thou Shalt Not Kill" - as contradictory based on the follow-up punishment it also required for disobeying the former - stoning (of course this wouldn't be a true contradiction if you were only supposed to "wing" whoever wasn't keeping the day holy when you flung the stones at them).

Natural Language Processing

Quantum Deathmatch - P vs. NP Problems

Maybe Leo could help

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Problem: Understanding complex programming problem/objects


Idea: If you are programming something and need to understand some existing complicated object to build on it further, it can help to compare that object with some real physical object. It should be a very simple object like toothbrush. Compare every property of that object with it. It may be difficult initially but if you try harder you will be surprised how two completely unrelated things can be linked/compared with one another.


Result: Insight. It makes that complex object more clearly understandable. You are able to understand it on a much deeper level.

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Is this a new abstract programming technique or something that you've found personally works for you? Please share more with us about how it works for you and what kinds of programs it works best for.
I love to do experiments, especially when it comes to understanding new concepts which are complex. I tried this on a few occasions and found it really works for me. I intensively used it while solving/understanding complex algorithms/problems.
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A time travel computer simulation could be done by solving fixed-point equations. You could play around with it through different specifications in a "Sim Time Travel" program.
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