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Hooker Stamps

The idea here is to provide "Hooker Stamps" to the physically or mentally handicapped as a social service the same way we provide "food stamps" to those in need now. This would obviously only be acceptable in locations like Nevada, Amsterdam, etc. that already allow prostitution. To qualify in the mentally-handicapped category you'd have to have an IQ in the 50-85 range. The qualifications for physically-handicapped are an open issue.

These wouldn't be redeemable at a bordello. A simple phone call, someone shows up at the door, service is rendered, payment is made (using the stamps). Have to make it as simple and unembarassing as possible for the mentally handicapped, and require only a reasonable amount of effort from the physically handicapped.

I forgot to include women. Social services would have to provide "Stud Stamps" for them.

A side benefit, put rather crudely, is that this could also extend the shelf life of hookers and keep them off the welfare rolls longer.
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Light Beam Animals

For those dreary cloudy days.

Based on the same concept as light-transmitting concrete, this would be a public service provided by cities in areas where there are way too many cloudy days (Seattle comes to mind). A dirigible would rise above the clouds until it was sunny side up and then drop a frame back down through them. The frame would be held in place by the same kind of optic fiber used in the concrete to deliver sunlight through the clouds to the seasonally-saddened people below. When they looked up they'd see various sunbeam animals floating beneath the clouds, slightly brightening their mood (of course, eventually some greedy ad agency will try to sponsor the entertainment, flashing "This cloud brought to you by ___" every so often).


Translucent concrete

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Freshwater Chunnel

A project in Boston nicknamed "The Big Dig" has been in the news lately because of the numerous leaks that have sprung up in the huge tunnel they built beneath the city. In Tampa, Florida there's a de-salinization plant that's costing a lot more than was projected due to unforeseen design problems.

If we put the two troubled projects together there's an idea that England and France might be able to use if water shortages are ever a problem - enhance the Chunnel so it can double as a de-salinization plant. It would surely be more cost-effective than the plant they've built in Tampa. For one thing, saltwater wouldn't have to be pumped into the plant. The water pressure above the Chunnel would force it down into pipes added to the Chunnel. The pipes would have filters on them, using reverse osmosis to convert the saltwater into freshwater. Other than the pipes, all we'd need to do is build a pumping station on each end of the Chunnel to pump the freshwater out (via new pipes that were built into the Chunnel, not the Chunnel itself of course).

If the intake pipes were put near the center of this system then we'd also have a more economical way to get rid of the salt that's been extracted. Periodically the intake valves could be reversed and the pumping stations re-directed so water flowed backwards to flush the system out of the system. Then ocean currents would carry the salt away to keep piles of it from building up near the pipes.
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Will Work For Whiskey

An objective test.

A lot of roads in our state (Florida, US) have signs under them saying they're maintained by "ABC Company" to keep the state clean. It's a win-win situation, the companies get free-advertising and the public gets clean roadways.

This idea is a variation on that theme. Local panhandlers, and there are quite a few of them around here, could put in a claim for a section of road the same way that companies do. Once a claim was granted it would be up to, let's say Bob, to keep his paticular road and its shoulders clean. If he asks you for some spare change when you're stopped at a light you could take a quick look around and see if he deserves a donation. Along with making your city a cleaner place to live this could decrease both the cost of keeping the roads clean for municipalities and the number of panhandlers drivers have to deal with.
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Where Graveyards Go To Die

Saved from the plow.

My wife attends a church where the membership is slowly dwindling and which will someday cease to exist if the trend continues. The church also has a Memory Garden where the ashes of some of its former members are buried. If the church goes under then the property will be sold, most likely to a commercial developer since it's in a favorable business location, and the Memory Garden will be demolished along with all of the buildings on the property to make room for whatever the new owner wants to build there. This poses a bit of a problem for me since my wife would like to have her ashes buried there when she dies and I'd rather not end up staring at a brand new Walmart on the anniversary of her death (assuming she goes first). This idea is for the creation of a public graveyard for graveyards where Memory Gardens (and the like) can be moved to when their former owners can no longer maintain them. That way the survivors and descendants would have a suitable place to go to when they wanted to sit down and quietly remember someone.
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Fishing nets kill tons of fish and other animals underwater when they're discarded and get snagged underwater. They can get caught down there for centuries. Governments should foot the bill to remove all of them.
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Cities should put designs/artwork from local artists on concrete highway dividers. Really add to the landscapes.
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Countries like India with large populations face problems with canal jams, water on the roads, and mosquitoes. Constructing drainage canals in a V shape can be the answer. That way they wouldn't store mud and consequently water. Fewer mosquitoes because the canals would be free-flowing.
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Genetically engineer pigeons to eat cigarette butts. That'd beautify the city, eh?
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How about a freakin shelter that isn't closed on Sunday, throwing the homeless homies to the wolves?
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