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Nightmare Prevention Pillow

For those whose nightmares are accompanied by sleep paralysis (usually teenagers), this pillow would let them sleep easier. Sensors built into it would monitor their brain waves and whenever the characteristic pattern appeared (anxiety, an abrupt change from a REM state to full consciousness, and the absence of movement) a soothing voice would come out of the pillow reassuring them that they had just been dreaming and would soon be able to move again.  Just knowing that this safeguard was in place might help the sufferers sleep better.

To make this device even more convenient (especially if the voice disturbs someone you're sleeping with) it could be designed somewhat like a hearing aid. The piece that holds it in place between the ear and scalp would measure the brain waves (like electrodes do now) and relay that information via a small receiver embedded in the pillow to a box on a night stand that would determine what to do.  If it decides a nightmare is taking place during an episode of sleep paralysis it can transmit the soothing voice to the earpiece part of the device to let the sleeper know what's going on. This might sound impossible but they've already been able to train patients with sleep terrors to recognize a pattern of light so when they see it during a terror episode they know what's going on and the terror goes away.

The device could also be designed to detect teeth clenching since it's close enough to the jawbone to do it. When it sensed that sleeper was clenching their teeth it would start vibrating for a little while to relax the muscles in that area.

In both cases the box on the night stand is required to do the heavy diagnostic work.  The earpiece has to stay small enough to be worn comfortably or else the person wearing it will never be able to fall asleep (which would be another way to solve nightmare, sleep paralysis, and jaw clenching problems I suppose, but the adverse health costs would be unacceptable).
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Ferrofluidic Beds

Wake up the hard way.

Instead of waking up to an alarm clock a timer would be built into this new version of a waterbed that was filled with ferromagnetic fluid instead of water and which would slowly, or quickly, harden until it was rock solid by the time the alarm was set to go off. The rate of hardening could be adjusted via a second dial designed for that purpose.

Just thought of another feature - the bed could be sectionalized similar to the ones of the market are now so each spouse can adjust their side to the level of comfort they desire. If the same feature was incorporated into this bed then a different alarm could be set for each side of the bed, thereby letting whoever gets to sleep late continue sleeping instead of getting woken up by an audible alarm.
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DEET Sheets

There are a lot of people living in hot climates who can't afford central A/C but who can afford sheets. This idea is for a new line of insect repellent sheets that would help them get a better night's sleep. The sheets would be treated with the same odorless chemical as the the clothes in the Buzz Off clothing line, keeping mosquitos and other irritating night biters away.


The Buzz-Off Clothing Line

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