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Expandable Trucks

The problem with small pickup trucks is that once you add a toolbox you're left with only 4 feet of bed to haul things in (at least on my Nissan Frontier pickup). Companies should offer a slideout option like they have on RV's. That invention would increase the length of the bed by a couple of feet at the push of a button or the pull of a latch. There would have to be a counterweight that slid forward under the bed at the same time (possibly a design change that put the rear axle further back to keep things in balance) but the option would be worth a few more dollars from my perspective.

Safety note: It would be a good idea to make sure the switch/latch only worked when the wheels weren't moving. Wouldn't want anyone to be able to deploy the slideout when a tailgater gets too close. (Or maybe we would.)

I know there are items on the market like the Hitch Hand but being the lazy type I wouldn't want to have to go to the trouble of doing things like bolting down plywood to make the bed. I just want to pull something with sides on it out, load it up and go.
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here is my problem solver for small trucks, vans and full size vehicles . most contractors try to keep most of their tools in their vehicles so they dont have to keep running home or back to their shop for them and having all those tools gives them very little room for supplys so  we came up with sidejob cargo racks a side mounted rack system that allows the contractor to transport drywall , plywood or lumber on the side of a vehicle just like a glass man carrys his glass . it installs quickly loads fast and has you back to work in no time at all .
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