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Someone needs to make a website that has a scoreboard of how many times every actor has said every swear word in movies. Get some competition going. Then break it down by how many times they said it in each movie and how many times each word was said in the movie overall. Then you could type in a few words like "bullshit fuck hell motherfucker" and it would spit out the movies with the most times those were said. Great way to get new ideas of movies to watch.
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A new dating website where you have to be drunk to get the phone number of that babe. One made just for drunkdialing to start. Down that beer and make the call! ;)
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Make a community site for people to post predictions for the year to come. Most accurate predictions earn points/rewards.
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Itty Bitty Vacations

Train trips from your desktop.

Sometimes it would be nice to be able to take a short trip during a break at work. This new subscription-supported service might be just what I need.

Subscribers would be able to go to a web site and see thumbnail views of streaming video coming from the front of trains traveling down scenic routes in real time. You could pick the one you want and switch to full screen mode, maybe taking a short trip through some snowy mountains when it's a particularly humid day where you're living, or letting your mind wander as you travel down the tracks watching the fall leaves for awhile. If you're feeling miserable and it's a pleasant day outside you could zoom in on a train traveling through a dreary, rainy day. And vice versa. Done well, you wouldn't even see the train behind you as you floated down the tracks.

To make the business a success there would have to be a lot of cameras to choose from (increasing the scenery options) so railroads that allowed the cameras on the front of their engines would get a share of the subscription dollars. If more variety was needed, the service could be expanded to include cameras on subway trains and commercial planes. The view from a plane might be especially refreshing - it would look like you're floating through the clouds.
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Try posting it to you can find a developer who will work for equity and it is completely free and protected by non-disclosures and statements of work to guarantee the work is done.
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Real-Time Earth

A little help for the airlines.

Looking at Google Earth the other day and seeing how some of the maps there and on other sites were outdated the thought occurred that maybe here was a way for some airline to make a little extra money and maybe stay in business (or lower the price of its tickets for us). The idea would be to mount cameras simliar to those used on satellites now under each plane so they could take and transmit pictures to some company like Google during its flight, giving that company an up-to-date view of the world for its users. The company, whether it was Google, Microsoft, or some other entity, would pay the airline for the photos. The airlines would benefit from the extra cash flow and the company would benefit from the edge it now had over its competition in this field. There might also be a subscriber market for real-time video showing the night sky via cameras attached on top of the planes. The streaming view would be much better than you can get with all of the light pollution around most cities.
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A recent book called Biocosm put forth the idea that the universe is so ideally suited to life that it couldn't have come about by accident. While this may be just another case variation of the anthropic principle this time the man behind it supported his theory by identifying 6 physical constants that would have barred carbon-based life from coming into existence if even one of them was changed by just a tiny bit. After the book was published several more constants were added by reputable scientists, but the theorist's conclusion remained unchanged - this being that the universe was designed and created by super-intelligent beings. Whether he's right or not his theory could still be combined with the idea behind Fantasy Football to create an interesting website. On this site you'd add your own best guess at what really created the universe and explain why it keeps running the way it does. Others could then drop in and vote for the guess they liked the best. It would be sort of a Fantasy Prophet Center.
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Phat Phuck - Tell me that wouldn't be the most badass name for a website ever! Hit up the dude that owns it if you've got an idea for a site for it. It's not in use right now.
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The Godfucker - That would be the funniest damn site or movie. Yeah, I own the .com. Make me an offer I can't refuse.
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The creation of new websites really took off in the mid-1990's. You can make a website based on most any theme so long as you have a computer with an internet connection. Websites can be made as a hobby or to make money. Most brick-and-mortar businesses have an online component while other businesses are, for all intents and purposes, entirely virtual. Some websites serve as gathering places where those with common backgrounds (e.g. webmasters or website designers) can go for advice and opinions. Another type of website is one centered around skill trading where visitors can offer up their services.
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Try posting it to you can find a developer who will work for equity and it is completely free and protected by non-disclosures and statements of work to guarantee the work is done.
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You do not have to be a certified web page developer to create a stunning website concept. Anything that you are passionate about can be developed into a great site. Choose an idea that you enjoy but that also is not overrepresented on the internet (there are many topics on the internet that are flooded with competition). If you enjoy cooking you might consider building a website about that topic. However, you'll get millions of results when you do a keyword search for "recipes." For this reason it is important to focus on an underserved niche (maybe focus only on a certain type of recipes) if possible and present it from a unique point of view. Make your website stand out by focusing on something that is not only specific but also interesting to both you and your intended audience.
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Saving Face website

Someone should create a web site that would pick up where Miss Manners and Dear Abby leave off. The site would be dedicated to providing solutions for rare but real situations that are extremely embarrassing. For example, what's the right way to tell someone they've got a piece of toilet paper hanging out of the back of their pants when they leave a restroom? Advice on how to handle these situations would be both amusing and useful.
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Having too many colors in a website can be distracting for people with bad vision. Sites could make alternate versions with less colors and larger fonts for them.
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King For A Day

People submit lists detailing what they would do if they were UN secretary general, village chief, or leader of some other organization. An entry would be chosen every day (either at random or by voting) and posted on the site.
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An alternative to Buy-It-Now, flash auctions on eBay that take place at a set time every day and last 15 minutes. That way you're dialed in, bidding against the other buyers and not waiting forever for the auction to end. Sure it's been considered but might be worth a shot.
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Try posting it to you can find a developer who will work for equity and it is completely free and protected by non-disclosures and statements of work to guarantee the work is done.
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Option on online street maps to click any street and see the avg. price of houses there.
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Something like or whatever. Users could post details of products they can't find there or practical problems which haven't been solved yet.
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A website called "What is This?" where users upload an image of a plant, animal, object, etc. and others respond with answers.
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Online database that logs everyone's running/triathon personal bests and lets people know their world ranking.
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Someone should create a web site/forms and databases  for the UNIFICATION of usernames/nicknames of all social networking sush FB TWEETER ...ex  only one personal name/nickname around the world 



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